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Staged Readings

Carnival Play:

A Play About A Carnival

"This is so freaky. You guys are weird little freaky freaks" 

An absurdist play about what happens to all the children who run away.

Written by Leorah Wood

Directed by Sam McHale

Featuring Amelia Kassing, Ben Hart, Julia Gazzara, Chris DeSantis, and Rajiv Awasthi

hello IDIOT

"How many snakes there are? 13"

An excerpt from a new musical inspired by jokes written by children.

Produced by the Multiple Stars are Born Festival


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Leorah Wood 
Orchestration and Music Direction by RJ Christian
Directed by Cameron Reese
Featuring Kate Thorvick, Kiara Negroni, and Makoa


Wilderness Women 

A mockmentary about hunting, gathering, and maybe even friendship.

Written by Leorah Wood 

Cinematography by Matthew Barrett 

Featuring Leorah Wood and Emily Whalen

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